Some pictures from the 1980s. Various celebrities wearing tight jeans.



Soap actor Michael Swan, in a 1980s playgirl issue. Tight faded jeans. Nicely worn.


Jeff Stryker.

Jeff Stryker wore tight Levi's 501. In the 1987 porn, he also wore these - with a biker leather jacket. Worth checking out - some hot action there.


Another good example of why I like the old style Levi's 501 jeans.


Some nice guys, bare cheasted in tight jeans.


George Michael

His song faith, with the video was a very famous 1980s hit. So was his tight and torn Levi's jeans, and his leather jacket.


Skinhead boy.

Like other guys, skinheads like Levi's 501 jeans as well. This young skin, sure knew how to show off his booty. A bit big, in my opinion, it still is horny. It would be no surprise if this is a gay skin, with a fetish for skin gear - and therefore Levi's 501.



..is the time for denim jeans cut-offs. Love it, especially the last photo. Look at that bulge.. Lovley package, and thighs, made for tight and faded denim jeans. Would sure love to see these hunks in the winter time too ;-)

Gay men.

Labelled as castro clones, the late 1970s and early 1980s gay men were hot. Tight, and well fitted Levi's 501 were standard gear. It should once again become mandatory to have a butt (not non-existant like in todays clothing) and to have a bulge (today it is seen obscene). This is lovley.

Hank Cheyne

Relatively unknown american soap opera actor, Hank Cheyne. These are some 1980s promotional photos, and another reason to why I find that time such a good era, when it comes to jeans. Fantastic looking and fitting Levis 501s. Today you will only find "Hunks" wearing tight low rise jeans, that look like women's jeans. Not sexy at all.


Levi's 501

1980s advert for cigarette brand, "Kool". I don't care about the cigarettes. Look at that bulge! A reason to why I chose this photo to be prominently featured on my blog. The jeans fit him perfectly. The thighs makes them tight, and the waist is high - giving him a steady bulge. Sure makes me painfully stiff in my pants. Sadly we don't get to see his behind - he probably has an amazing Levis ass. 

Tight 501 gardener

Some old stills from 1980s porn. The rich owner of the house seem to like the hired help. We want to think that it was his tight blue Levi's denim, that made his cock stand erect. Click on image to enlarge.

Old Magazines

"Physique Pictorial"

This old magazine, dedicated to gay men - sports a very sexy model on the front cover. This is the original jeans and leather look, that laid the foundation for many gay men's fantasies regarding leather, and sometimes denim. Jeans are now very common - but 50 years ago, tight blue jeans were very erotic for many gay men.

Always present.

The 501s were almost always present when a guy was posing in ads etc. This is an old ad for soloflex work-out equipment.


Perfect butt

How I like a pair of 501s to fit. This is why jeans are a fetish fore me.

Lee Jeans

A really nice fitting pair of Lee jeans.

Tight thighs on a bike...

A guy on a bike - in very tight Levis jeans.


Hello and welcome to this new Blog. The focus for this Blog, is gay jeans fetish. Men wearing blue jeans and blue denim clothing. Here, photos will be posted, that reflect that sexual taste. Most photos are a bit older - simply because I find those much more sexy.

Here is a first photo, a really nice and tight Levis 501 butt from the 1980s. Gorgeous behind. Very tight.